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Biofeedback Systems to Restore Natural Health Conditions.

The body of living things is made up of cells and organs and the cells contain atoms which vibrate and produce distinct frequencies. The various parts of a body communicate with the brain through exchange of signals which are delivered across the spine using nerves. Recently there has been great improvements which have been realized since the introduction of technology and advanced devices and systems. The Bioresonance biofeedback systems can be able to utilize the brain and spinal cord to detect signals and interpret them to get data concerning health status. The biofeedback systems pick up and interpret signals much easily by amplifying them to produce meaningful data that can be analyzed and decoded.

It becomes possible for doctors to view the health information of people as the systems display this data onto computers. Specialized computers and software is designed for the system to detect and decode the bioactivity of neurons. When tissues are scanned it is possible to identify presence of infections by counter checking with the already know frequency of healthy cells and tissues. Patients are required to describe their issues to a health officer to find the source of pain in order to be given appropriate treatment. The source of pain or problem can be found easily using the biofeedback systems making them better than having to describe issues.

When the biofeedback systems are used patients can be treated much faster and with the necessary medication since the problem is identified accurately. Other than biofeedback scanning of cells and tissues, the systems could also help through biofeedback therapy which also works in similar manners. In biofeedback therapy, the system intercepts signals from brain neurons and analyzes for changes and then reverses the frequency to treat the conditions. Once changes are identified, appropriate frequencies are sent back to the brain in order to heal and reverse damage. Chakras is the electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things and is manifested through electrically charged objects having unique colors.

The emotional state and health conditions of individuals can be known by studying the chakras that surrounds each creature. Patients experiencing extreme pain can be helped to completely get relieved from the pain and experience a boost in health too. The systems applies therapeutic frequencies to the person using special bio resonance headsets worn by the individual. Frequencies of pathogens, microorganisms, healthy cells and tissues and other organs are stored in databases that can be accessed by the systems. Affected cells and tissues will display different frequencies which can be restored by applying appropriate frequencies through biofeedback therapy. In case a microorganism or pathogen is detected, destructive frequencies are applied to eliminate and kill these pathogens and microorganisms.

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